Music Memories

Did you ever think that maybe the music that we have been exposed to by our parents as children has a great deal of importance in our formative recipe as to who we are today?

I recently did a YouTube video about my musical memories and how important they are to me. I was reminded by one of my fellow YouTube creators about music that her mother and father liked.

That conversation brought me back to a time that I had almost forgotten. My mother loved the music of Hoagy Carmichael. I can remember her playing his song, Stardust, over and over again. Every time it came up on our old wooden radio she would stop what she was doing and stand there living her personal Stardust dream. I was too young to understand it all, but now I wish in adulthood I would have asked her sometime during her ninety-two years just what that dream was. Mother’s music when I was a child resonated with me and I felt so it deeply in my heart because I loved her.

When I was about 12 years old for Christmas I found a music box that played Stardust. Every penny that I saved for Christmas that year went to buy that special jewelry box for her.

Throughout her life mother kept all of her precious jewelry in that box and I always knew when she was taking something out when the tinkling sound could be heard throughout the house.

When mother died and we were packing and sorting her possessions I kept two things; her purse that was filled with personal items and that music box.

Eventually, sometime when I was in my decoupage period I decided to decoupage the faded outside of the music box. Looking at it now, I’m not too sure it was the right decision, but it still plays.

Today I took mother’s music box out from my shelf in my closet. I gently gave the stem a few winds, just to listen to a few notes and it slowly plucked out the familiar tune. Next, I’m going to place my jewelry inside it’s empty faded velvet partitions. Then I will wind it fully and put it where I can look at it every day so that I can be reminded of my mother and the music that has shaped my life. I will remember through her music box the beginning if my own childhood dreams choreographed by Hoagy Carmichael.

Copyright Sandra Hart 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Holiday Thoughts

The world seems to be crazy and a real mess theses days. Everyone is stressed and a whole lot of folks seem to be really angry all the time.

What has happened to us? What has happened to civility? What has happened to kindness? In every industry here on land in the skies, I have been hard pressed lately to meet many happy people. Oh, I know they are out there, but in very small numbers it seems.

Maybe it’s just a coastal thing – East and West. Hopefully in the middle somewhere there are grateful, kind and loving humans who haven’t forgotten how lucky we are to live in a free society.

This holiday I have taken it upon myself on my Youtube Channel to upload every day until Christmas my Kindness Calendar. If we could each day do one act of kindness for someone else, it will not only help them, but we will benefit emotionally, too.

We have to get some attitudes of gratitude going before it’s too late for reversal.

Copyright Sandra Hart 2017


 As we head toward New Year with the Christmas holiday getting further behind us I was reflecting that Christmas memories live forever. I can remember almost every childhood Christmas like it was yesterday. The bright tree covered with angel hair that just appeared magically on Christmas morning. The heavenly aroma of turkey cooking in every house we passed as we walked home from early Christmas services at church. The itchy new scarf wrapped around my neck Mother insisted I wear to keep from catching pneumonia. The presents under the tree, opened early and waiting. But most of all it was family. With ten aunts and uncles and their spouses my brother and I inherited lots of cousins and good times during the holidays.

After spending a lifetime celebrating Christmas where the four seasons would bring cold weather and if lucky, snow to accompany the celebration of the birth in the manger, I have to admit, as hard as I try, it’s hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit here in Florida.

During the 20 years we have been snowbirds, spending the winter in Florida, I’ve always taken solace in seeing the beautiful Christmas trees in the shopping areas and in the lobbies of the apartment buildings as we pass by. I have always tried not to let the tropical weather dampen my Christmas spirit. This Christmas was especially hard for me. Not only because this is the first year I have not spent Christmas with at least one of my children. Something has changed. Something that has a deeper meaning.

Yes, there are a few Christmas trees in the business establishments and public areas, but that’s just about all. Gone are the beautiful trees in the apartment building lobbies. I’ve seen a few trees shining down from the big glass windows in the high-rise apartments, but there is a darkness at the street level this Christmas that I have never experienced before. Political correctness? I can’t think of any other reason why lobbies with buildings that contain multiple ethnicities and religions have opted not to put up Christmas trees for the first time in 20 years.  

For years many of my friends who are not Christians have put up a tree, exchanged gifts and celebrated Christmas or Hanukkah with the meaning that it’s a new beginning – a celebration of giving and sharing and being of one community. 

What I see happening here is more disturbing than not celebrating with lighted trees at this time of year. What I see is a world in which we are slowly losing a way of life that we have sacrificed and fought so hard to keep. The generations before me were dedicated to ensure that the next generation will have the same freedoms their generation inherited. 
Unfortunately, I think that we are slowly losing our way as to how wonderful it is to be an American with all the freedoms and privileges that our ancestors have sacrificed so greatly to secure. 

The millenniums of America and those of us baby boomers who appreciate our freedoms had better turn off our iPhones, start taking to one other and work toward protecting the life we have been given. Wake up America before it is too late. Political correctness and apathy are taking over. I already see the slide toward a country I hardly recognize. I never thought I would live to see an America in decline.   
Talk about slippery slopes!