Election Insanity

My parents always fostered my interest in democracy, issues of the day that would affect our lives and of course the electoral process and it’s importance. Conversations about relevant topics around the dinner table are some of my most fond memories of my family and quality time we spent together.

So I can honestly say, I never though I ever would live to see the insanity that is going on within this Presidential Election bid and the hysteria, outrage and time consumed over trying to find subliminal meanings of common words.

At a time when we should be focused on serious issues facing this country. At a time when we have families on food stamps, unemployment at record highs, the economy tanking, the Arab countries challenging our strengths, our representatives being murdered overseas, and soldiers slain by those whom they mentor, some foolishly are waging a war over words and trying to find subversive meaning over legitimate words.

BINDER: A cover for holding loose sheets of paper, magazines, etc., together.
a substance that acts cohesively.

Every student, secretary, employer, head-hunter, songwriter, doctor, casting agent, author, recipe collector, anyone who has any kind of business or keeps things in order uses files or binders. I use binders for all my research in categories. I am doing a book on women and relationships and I keep those individual interviews in a BINDER! I am a woman and no one can accuse me of being bias against women because I keep a binder with their collective data. I have faith enough in the common sense of my gender to know that anyone who uses binders to organize data is not biased against the data contained within and that the media and politicians should focus on the real issues plaguing our country.

Let us all try to rise to a higher level, focus on the bigger picture to get this country back to honesty and morality in government, economic stability and unemployment down. Let us work together on both sides to restore America.