Leaving The Nest

This is the time of year many graduates are leaving their nests, torn from their mother’s breasts and flying away with wings of their own. Long ago I realized that a mother’s job is not to hold, but to help mould and then to let go. Letting go, that last part, for me was the hardest of the triage in helping nurture my children into young adulthood. Without any manual, I know I have made mistakes along the way, as I am often reminded by my ‘perfect’ children, but my heart was always in the right place and beating in their behalf. As their mother, I have always encouraged their dreams and hopefully, given them strong wings to fly away to their destinies.

I dedicated my first book, Behind The Magic Mirror, to my three children and this is what came from my heart:

My journey began before you came. I didn’t know, part of the way, you were to walk with me.

I traveled unknowingly, seeking roads along the way. Looking for that perfect life. An Eden where we could stay.

Sometimes the way was unclear. We often journeyed in darkness, misguided by my ignorance, complicated by my innocence.

I have taken you places you may never have been had destiny not chosen you to travel along with me.

Your journey will take its own course. And as was meant to be, I will continue along my paths, guided by choices yet unknown to me.

Take my hand and bid farewell. Our paths to touch now and then.

Each journey’s day I feel blessed it was meant to be, part of the way, You were to walk with me.


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Welcome to my world! I have always loved to write, but I have spent most of my adult life in front of either a television or film camera. First as a Romper Room Teacher, then in television series and movies where writing took a backstage place in my life. I am now over 50 and have the freedom to get back to expressing myself through writing. I muse about my life and thoughts and just about everything under the sun. The only order to it is life itself as lived. Natural chaos! I am married and have three grown children who are interested in breeding horses, flying and creating. My youngest is the lead singer/songwriter of the Grammy nominated band, Tonic, Emerson Hart. So here I am, wanting to read about you and at the same time bringing you along with me to mine. I hope you will find me just as interesting as I do you! Hop aboard for the ride.

3 thoughts on “Leaving The Nest”

  1. This is so beautiful and exactly how I’m feeling on the day before I take my “perfect” daughter off to college. Thank you for spelling my heart out for me as I sit crippled with emotion. Love you!


  2. My children are still very young– 5 and 3– and the separation that I am facing is sending my older son to kindergarten in September (which to some might sound like no big deal at all), but your lovely words resonated with me as well. I will hold them in my heart to help face the larger separations that are ahead.


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