Lexington Here We Come

Our house was always haven to all creatures great and small, thanks to my middle child. A duck (Duddles) I raised on Romper Room from an egg. Dogs by the score. Ponies and horses. Cats found in sewer drains. Mallard ducklings without a mother. Fertile rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and a parrot named Pickles that she got from her third grade teacher. Her life became our way of life for years and I honestly miss that. So once in awhile I have to travel to Lexington, Kentucky to get my four-legged fix.

Sofi and I are closing the doors and going to the bluegrass and stone fences of Lexington to see my two and four-legged family. So, now if you are hankering to smell the green grass, horse manure and acres and acres of fencing along the winding roads of Stephen Foster’s (actually he was born in Pennsylvania)
“My Old Kentucky Home” then grab your backpack and come along with us.

Horses, ducks, bunnies, cats and Finn, Sofi and I are on our way!

Tuesdays Are For Traveling

Touching the “good luck” door in the Forbidden City to solidify that my wishes come true

The Forbidden City was the Chinese Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty. For five hundred years it served as the home of the Emperor and is located in the center of Beijing. I wore my best walking shoes for the steps, long walks, and hours of walking throughout the ancient walled city. The buildings, architectures and carvings were exquisite.

Hello Kitty…Goodbye Kitty.