Tuesdays Are For Traveling

The lush lawns of the Mount Nelson Hotel
In 2010 my husband and I visited Cape Town on the first leg of the South African Segment of our four month world tour. We thought the port of Cape Town would be an interesting place to visit on our way up to Port Elizabeth where we had booked a safari. Cape Town has interesting history, beautiful beaches, and also a new soccer stadium that was readying for the World Cup matches that year. We visited the barren Sixth District left as is as a memorial to apartheid, and later had High Tea at the famous Mount Nelson Hotel that has guested the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and years of dignitaries and celebrities (as well as ‘peons’ like my husband and I)
New World Soccer Stadium
Graffiti is worldwide as evidenced here
Beautiful beaches of Cape Town
Tablecloth on Table
Mountain can be seen beyond the city along the beautiful beaches
“] Tablecloth effect on Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa
District Six in Cape Town left barren as a reminder of the apartheid regime Wall of Castle of Good Hope

©Sandra Hart 2012

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Welcome to my world! I have always loved to write, but I have spent most of my adult life in front of either a television or film camera. First as a Romper Room Teacher, then in television series and movies where writing took a backstage place in my life. I am now over 50 and have the freedom to get back to expressing myself through writing. I muse about my life and thoughts and just about everything under the sun. The only order to it is life itself as lived. Natural chaos! I am married and have three grown children who are interested in breeding horses, flying and creating. My youngest is the lead singer/songwriter of the Grammy nominated band, Tonic, Emerson Hart. So here I am, wanting to read about you and at the same time bringing you along with me to mine. I hope you will find me just as interesting as I do you! Hop aboard for the ride.

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