Two Friends – Daniel Ridgeway Knight

“Like the sturdy Day Lily, true friendship has strong roots and life that returns and grows in abundance year after year. But like all things in nature, neglect it and it will surely die.” Sandra Hart

Our good old friend Webster defines friendship as ” a person attached to another by feelings or personal regard.” In thinking about this article, I have tried to recall the true friendships in my life that have been able to withstand the times of change, distance and turmoil. I have eight names, exclusive of my family, that come to mind.

It was rather shocking to me that these are the only human strings, old and new, that I could attach to my longevity kite. Over a span of 60 plus years I have gathered a small circle of those with whom I have closely shared high personal regard and feelings. Some of these I see more than others, but they are all in my personal bag of marbles. I care about them.

Feeling like a recluse and with my tail between my legs I began my research and found that I am not alone. The average person, if honest with themselves, have only a handful of lifetime relationships that have weathered change, distance and turmoil. We may have made many acquaintances in our lifetime, but few are soul mates that would be willing to sacrifice their needs for ours.

Think about it. Life has thrown us all loops. Who in your life has been and will be there unconditionally when you feel that you are about to be thrown under the bus?
If you have such friends that are connected to defining moments in your life wouldn’t it be nice to let them know you care that they are there in your bag of marbles. While you can.
Excerpt from Read Between My Lines by Sandra Hart, Myartisansway Press 2007 ©