Hurricane Survival

My son, Emerson Hart, says it so well. Oh the joys and curses of being in love can be related to being a water baby! Unfortunately, my leaving the New Jersey shore does not protect me from hurricane threats, it just changes the impact location. So here so am once again, collecting water, freezing ample quantities of ice, candles, loading up on batteries and checking my cabinets for non-perishable foods. 

Since 1972 I have witnessed every hurricane that visited us shore dwellers in Springsteen territory. I have lost trees, once had my roof opened up like a sardine can and have lived without electricity and the modern comforts it brings for weeks. With the exception of sweet Sandy a few years ago, I rode these girls and guys all alone. It seems my family was always elsewhere when these nasty folks came a knocking. 

With my husband up in the Northeast reality again puts me in a position to be saddling this potential storm, Matthew, on my own once again. Right now they forecast winds of up to 130 mph, so this blog post will be shorter than most. By the time you read this I will have changed my flip flops into heavy sneakers and will be activating my well-worn hurricane prep just in case Mathew pays us a visit in a day or two. 

Stay secure my friends along the East Coast, my thoughts for a safe ride will be with you. 

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