Truth Be Damned

Where oh where has my country gone? Where oh where can She be? The America that I am watching in the news and in the social media posts I have been reading these last few months are not mirroring the America I have known. It’s not the America that I have been proud of. Not the America that nurtured me. 

America is lost. America is broken. Crazy glue is polarizing the nation . We have become stuck together in groups defined by religion, ideology, sexual preferences and color. Cultures have stopped embracing each other. Our proud heritage as Americans of being ‘a melting pot’ seems to have disappeared. 

As I have often written, I was so lucky to grow up in one of the most culturally diversified communities in this country and nothing other than moral discrepancy, honesty and truth, would divide us. We were of all backgrounds, all colors and faiths and traditions, yet we were excepting of one another. There was no other way we lived our lives.


That said, I really have to be honest with you, today, even at the highest level, those moral compasses, honesty and truth, seem to be virtues that no longer matter. It is so disparaging and so horrible that we have come to this point where virtues don’t seem to be valued. Whatever people can get away with that’s what goes. Truth be damned. There is no personal accountability, nor any court of reckoning for deception and dishonesty today. A lie is a lie, is a lie and habitual. How can we even think of rewarding this behavior? Have we lost our collective minds?

There is no white washing of dishonesty and any acceptance of such immorality as ‘the norm’ is taking our country down Alice’s rabbit hole and a dangerous slope of no return. It’s a very disconcerting picture. 

There is no doubt America has significant challenges ahead. We have to get our heads on straight. We have to have a call for tolerance and respect for all peoples; including the brave men in blue who devote their lives to protect all of us. 

There are still bridges to be built and we have always been a nation of builders. A nation of good Samaritans with compassion for all peoples. A nation of proud patriots. 

It is my opinion, my friends, we have to bring back respect for trustworthiness and honesty and diversity before we run out of time for any type of reversal. 

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Welcome to my world! I have always loved to write, but I have spent most of my adult life in front of either a television or film camera. First as a Romper Room Teacher, then in television series and movies where writing took a backstage place in my life. I am now over 50 and have the freedom to get back to expressing myself through writing. I muse about my life and thoughts and just about everything under the sun. The only order to it is life itself as lived. Natural chaos! I am married and have three grown children who are interested in breeding horses, flying and creating. My youngest is the lead singer/songwriter of the Grammy nominated band, Tonic, Emerson Hart. So here I am, wanting to read about you and at the same time bringing you along with me to mine. I hope you will find me just as interesting as I do you! Hop aboard for the ride.

4 thoughts on “Truth Be Damned”

  1. As always, Sandra, written succinctly. As an onlooker, it is distressing to watch the senseless killings and wonder if this is the country ‘we’ want our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to inherit. I agree with all your points, and most especially the issue regarding the lack of personal responsibility/accountability. Wouldn’t our ancestors be disappointed if they were here today?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on such important issues, Sandra!




    1. I have been disturbed so much in the last few weeks by what is happening in America.The terrorism attacks the killing of policemen and minorities, the riots, unrest and above all the dishonesty with some of our politicians who are running for the highest office in the land. The fact that this seems to be OK with everyone just boggles my mind. Perhaps I am too old to care, but I do love my grandchildren and I want them to have a wonderful future. Unless things reversed themselves I quite honestly don’t see that happening. Love you as always Sandra,


  2. YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD TO CARE ….YOU ARE A VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS …. the dangerous slope you make reference to is a slimy , desensitizing ,slide into an abyss. … when some ask my intentions ,I’ve said it’s Slim Pickins. ..on one hand there is delusions of grandeur and on the other,turgid shameful posturing …. Where has honesty , integrity and fair-minded behavior flown…. ¿ is this upside down madness that is all about…..

    driven by greed, powerlust ,
    opportunism , or self-centered complacency ? If the misguided and pompous Pied Pipers derail our country it will be more than a cliff hanger …. the baffling behavior of our fellow countrymen isn’t being helped by the daily media feed, airing fitful “the ends justify the means ” bravado… aren’t alone to have dreamed of a strong and judicious country.with the good “hope of a nation “still a viable vision for the families we each love ….. never, never will this deliberate dishonesty, so pervasive now ,lead to improvement or a quality of life we once aspired…. do not want a wasteland for my many little people to inherit….Sandra , thank you so so much for your clarity and inightful comments …very definitely from your HEART .. these are troubled times and I needed to find someone who cares… ♡


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