On November 13, 2016 I made my first Youtube video. It was only 2 min. 32 seconds long. From the very beginning starting with that little video, it was always my goal to help women live the best and most full life ever. All I knew was that as a woman who was then 78, I had lived enough chapters in my life with ups and downs, that I might be able to help others navigate the over 60 years.

I have always emphasized that nobody here has a perfect life – including me. We all have chapters – hills and valleys – challenges that we have had to overcome – all of us.

If you are thinking that your life is going to be one long note. The same old same old. It won’t be if you are willing to take risks and embrace change. It seems as though I’ve had a different chapter in my life each and every decade.

In my 20’s I was on Romper Room. In my 30’s I was a television anchor woman. In my 40’s I became a television producer and syndicator. In my 50’s I was an actress in theater, television, and film. In my 60’s I also became a writer and blogger. In my Late 70’s I started a YouTube channel. I’m now in my eighth decade and I’m excited about what this next few years will bring.

Don’t ever think your life is over because you’re 40, 50 and beyond. There are many great opportunities and adventures ahead for you.


1. Don’t fall for the belief that you are invisible. We are what we think. I realize that is a hard stereotype to break.

2. Where you are right now does not have to be where you are going to be for the rest of your life. Please don’t forget that. It is never too late to live your dreams.

3. Keep your faith at the top of your priorities. It will help you through the hard times. Don’t be an unnecessary worrier. Give it up to your higher power.

4. Embrace aging. Don’t fight it. Do what you can to lake care of yourself. Your body, heart, mind. Enjoy where you are today and look forward to a better day tomorrow. ( I spent my early years waiting for everything and I lost so much joy of just living – to leave my hometown, to build a career, to get married, to change my life. )

5. Tell those that you love how much they mean to you. I often wish my parents are still here so I could tell them how thankful I am. All of my girlfriends that are no longer here. Always remember your actions have consequences.

6. Enjoy the journey. Live your life over 60 or as a mature woman, so that in the end you will have few or no regrets.

The best is yet to come!